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The order of that listing should be the order in which the chatters ed. The server then prompts the client for a name and then a chat room. Obviously it should error check including premature EOF. One the person s the chat room, a line is sent to all nc chat room in the chat room that the person has ed. Lines entered by the clients are sent to all the clients in the chat room.

The server should support any of clients, and should work seamlessly when clients leave, as Goofus, and later Dr-Plank did above. The server does not have to print any output, but it may -- I will not be testing what the server prints -- I will only test the behavior of the clients.

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Structure This lab is involved, and will use pthre, mutexes and condition variables. Suppose there are r chat rooms and c clients. Specifically: There will be one thread that chaf spinning on a while loop, waiting for clients to attach to the socket. When it detects a client, it will create a client thread. There will be one thread for each chat room. That thread will typically be blocked on a nc chat room variable unique to that chat room.

When the condition variable is unblocked, that is the indication that the server has received input from a client. That input will be on a list.

For each string on the list, the server thread should traverse all the clients and send the string to each client. When it is done processing the list, it should wait on the condition variable again. Nc chat room will be one thread for each client. That thread will typically be blocked reading from the socket. When it receives a line of text from the socket, it will construct the proper string from it, put that string onto the chat room's list, and al the chat room server.

Remember to protect data structures when you have to. For example, the clients and servers share the chat room's lists.

When the clients update the list and when the servers read the list and delete entries, those operations must be nc chat room by a mutex. You should use fdopen twice on each connection. After that, the client thre only call fgets and the chat room thre call fputs and fflush. A subtle part of this lab is to deal with clients exiting at any point.

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That means you have to test the return values of all fputsfgets and fflush calls and deal with them appropriately. I dealt with them as follows: If I catch an EOF while reading the client's info, I simply close the buffers and kill the client thread. After the client has ed the chat room, then if I detect Nc chat room on a fgets call, then I close the input buffer. If the output buffer is still open and if the chat room thread is not currently trying to write to it, then I close the output buffer and remove the client from the chat room's list.

Then I kill the client thread.

If the chat room thread detects a problem on fputs or fflushthen I remove the client from the chat room's list and close the output buffer. I don't mess with the client thread, since it should detect EOF on the fgets call and exit on its own. You may want to draw yourself some pictures to help visualize the nc chat room between the client thre and the chat room thre. It gives a little more information as well. You may find it helpful to room how it works when you implement your own synchronization.

The Gradescript Roon gradescript here is different.

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And please make sure that the client and server are both on our lab machines hydra, tesla. Gradescript will run the program cyat, which opens a of client connections, sends lines and tests the output. Since your server should be able to handle clients coming and going, you shouldn't have to start and stop your client between runs of gradescript -- just start it once and that should suffice for all gradescript runs.

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Nc chat room

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